Capacity        1.5 ton
Fork width     685mm
Fork Length   1220mm

Single Nylon
Due to the strong chassis and the well proven components, this electric handpallet truck has shown strong performance in all kinds of industries. Wether it is retail, manufacturing or distribution, the EHJ will help reduce strain and pain while increasing efficiency.

With its 4,5mm strong steel chassis, the EPT 20-15 EHJ is made to last. Inspired by the design of manual handpallet trucks, the semi-electric 15 EHJ combines the advantages of electric driving with the compact dimensions and light weight of a manual handpallet truck.

Well known from the automotive industry is the energy saving start stop function. The 15 EHJ from EP Equipment integrates this feature into a economic handpallet truck. After 5 minutes of non-usage (adjustable), the trucks turns itself off and goes into sleep mode. By the simple touch of a button it can be reactivated and used within a second. Saving energy and ensuring long runtimes!

With its Curtis controller, the EPT 20-15 EHJ is easy to service and highly durable.

​The robust and chunky emergency switch of 15 EHJ also functions as the key of the truck. Never loose the key to your truck anymore.