Capacity 2.0/2.5 ton
Fork width     685mm
Fork Length   1220mm
24v / 210Ah
Travel speed 6.0km/h
AC Controller
Whatever application you are looking for, the EPT 20-20 RA family will offer you the best fit for your needs. With options like electric power steering and high speed version, you can upgrade the truck to a high performance truck if needed or keep the basic version for optimized cost efficiency.

The EPT 20-20 RA family gives you the opportunity to be used as a ride on pallet truck for high speed application and long distance transport, as well as the usage in narrow aisles as a walkie pallet truck. It plays out its strength in loading and unloading of HGVs using ramps.

With its foldable Plattform it can be a multiuse truck for long distance ride on, as well as narrow aisle walkie pallet truck.

The all driving floating system (DFA) ensures stability at high speed.

For high speed application we offer you a larger drive motor with 2.5Kw AC technology to increase speed to a max. of 12Km/h